Greetings and Salutations


So, I have a blog! How exciting. This blog is mainly for me to keep track of my hits and misses when it comes to my adventures in cooking vegan. Most of the recipes will be vegan, all will be vegetarian. I may occasionally post desserts that I make for my family and friends that have obscene amounts of butter and eggs, mainly because I am vegan, but I am not making everyone around me be vegan as well.

How did I decide to become vegan? The easiest way to answer would be to say it was a dare, or a challenge. I had a friend e-mail me asking if I was interested in going vegan with her for 30 days. This was right before Thanksgiving, so I said no way! Not right not. I need turkey, and mashed potatoes, and gravy. I told her I would be happy to join her in this adventure the Monday after Thanksgiving to ensure all leftovers had departed from my house, and that I would be vegan up until a few days before Christmas. I thought it was going to be horrifically difficult, but I was determined. And I did it. I didn’t cheat at all during that time. I felt fantastic. I lost 7 lbs. My skin was glowing. I was seriously loving it. And then Christmas happened. Oh Christmas. With it’s delights of ham and funeral potatoes, sausage and chili rellenos for breakfast, which is a family tradition. I ate, and ate, and then ate some more. And then managed to waddle home and go to bed at about 7:45 pm feeling bloated and defeated, while my older two were still awake and playing with their toys. The next morning I woke up and felt utterly disgusting. Never again, I vowed. Never again. I hadn’t realized how awful I had felt while eating things like meat and dairy. And maybe it was because I just overdid it, but maybe it was also because my body works better when I am vegan.

So I dove right back in and did fantastic until I did a little weekend trip to Texas. I had to eat BBQ. It was my first time in Texas, how could I not? And I went back to feeling awful and disgusting and full of self loathing. Why do I do this to myself? So here I am, four days after my trip to Texas, having eaten vegan since I have been home, but still feeling slightly heavy and weighed down by the animal fats trying to work their way out of my body. And once again I am determined to do this. And I tell myself, never again! So I started a blog to keep myself accountable, and to let others in on my little journey that I hope will turn into a lifelong sojourn of good health and great food. I strive to show others that being vegan doesn’t mean eating bad food.  If it were so, I could never be vegan. I love to cook, and more importantly, I love to eat. Enjoy.


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